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Ron Tackett

Lake Mills, Wi


I was born in Kentucky and grew up in Wisconsin.

Other than vacationing with my family, I most enjoy taking pictures, writing stories and doodling. Growing up I learned to appreciate art and photography. I have always loved imagery, whether that was via the work traditional classical artists like the ancient Greeks, Caravaggio, Degas, Monet or unknown commercial artists from the beginning of the last century. Some of my favorite artists made their mark in the fantasy or science fiction fields. I devoured the work of Frank R. Paul, Jack Kirby, Frazetta, Jeff Jones, Sanjulian, and countless others.

I've written and illustrated a handful of children's books. Among them, a series of photo illustrated books of letters from Joey to his Gramma. The 3 books are:
"Dear Gramma, I Went to the Thanksgiving Day Profeshnul Football Game ~A Parody~"
"Dear Gramma, Santa Found Daytona Beach!"
"Go West, Young Joey, Go West!"

I also wrote and photo illustrated "On a Michigan Hike" which is a photo tour book of Northern Michigan for young readers.

And finally, I illustrated and wrote, "No, No, Kissy McEel, Don't Kiss me!" It's the story of what happens to a little eel fish who has trouble understanding personal space and the shark who helps him figure it out.

There is always another book coming down the pike (just like there's always another picture waiting to be taken) Soon to be available in both electronic and hard copy versions is my novel, "Dover Falls Christmas" and its companion children's book.

Check out my Fine Art America website as I will announce the books there, with links, as they are published!

If you like reading stories that make you feel good about being alive and not like crawling in a hole and hiding from the world (which might be the prudent course of action), then you'll enjoy my stories. I am especially committed to creating books that children and families can enjoy together. My policy is that no adult need ever worry about a child finding one of my books on the couch while they are not around.

Just like you, I don't think there is enough time in the day. I wish I could print additional hours as easily as I print $20 bills on my printer. Maybe if I print more twenties I could buy more time?


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